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The Zanzibar Ocean Panorama Hotel is located at Mkoani, Southern Region of Pemba within a port proximity. It comprises a land of about 40,000 sqm. The topography of the site is made up of an attractive elevated land descending steeply towards the westward creating an excellent view towards the sea. It displays a vast panoramic scenario of town life overlooking the harboring and fishing activities of the locals, a green thick bush of mangroves with sea breezes provides a very comforting feeling and relaxation. The beach conditions are also ideal for evening walks and sunbathing. Zanzibar Ocean Panorama offers great support to find u the most luxurious place to rest with your family during your vacation to Pemba Island. Our mission is to make sure that people enjoy their trips to Pemba.

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The island of Pemba is a paradise, with its wonderful beaches and colorful culture. We will let you know the real Pemba, just check our exciting acitivities:


Diving and Snorkeling: You will quickly learn that snorkeling is is an exciting leisure-time activity that you will never forget


Boat Trip: Explore the sea on a traditional- or motorboat

Mangrove Tour incl. swimming, per person 20 US $
Sunset Tour incl. swimming, per person 20 US $
Sailing Tour incl. swimming, per person 25 US $


Motor Boot -Tour:


Misali Island:
1 person 80 US $
2 person, each 70 US $
3 person or more, each 60 US $


Lighthouse Tour:
1 person 80 US $
2 person, each 70 US $
3 person or more, each 60 US $


Emerald Bay:
1 person 80 US $
2 person, each 70 US $
3 person or more, each 60 US $


Mkumbuu Tour: per person 100 US $


Taxi Trip: Get to know more about Pemba Island and check our taxi trips

The beaches are beautfilul but also get to know the heart of Pemba Island! Conducted by the friendly taxi drivers, these tours give you a more personal and upfront experience.

Chake Chake, shopping, per person 60 US $
Chake Chake Airport, per person 50 US $
Chake Chake, Makonyo Refinery, Sokoni, Makumbusho, Kidike (flying foxes), Ngezi Forest, Mnarani, Vumawimbi, for max. 6 person 200 US $

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